Are you aware if your house is furnished with furniture treated with lacquers or varnishes? If so where do these furniture items focus?

  Living area – Kitchen

  Sleeping area – bedrooms

  Bathrooms – laundry

  Storeroom – garage


How many untreated and natural furniture are there at home?

  Beliefs – Dispensations

  Cooking surface – Living room table

  Kitchen furniture

  Bedroom decor

  Bathroom furniture

  Studio furniture


Have you ever evaluated indoor air pollution that you breathe at home?

The Ministry of Health, 2017 declares that Indoor pollution is increasingly present in the air of homes.

“Materials used in construction and furnishing can be an important source of indoor pollution The problem of emissions lasts throughout the useful life of the building and there is a risk of large quantities immediately after completion of the building. of VOCs from new synthetic materials.This risk decreases with the passing of the months, but at the same time begins the physiological degradation of the building and therefore the release of other dangerous substances, such as asbestos (still present in the residential area). “




Do you know Sick Building Syndrome SBS, the sick building syndrome?




When you are looking for a piece of furniture, do you ever wonder how it was built, what production chain does it come from, but especially if its presence can be a source of damage to your health and loved ones?




When you need a “low cost” piece of furniture produced by big chains, are you aware of the time you will use to compose and assemble it?


A custom-made piece of natural wood is a bearer of healthiness in the air and beauty. How important is the wholesomeness of the environments you live and breathe in which you spend 80% of your time?

  not very important

  important enough

  very important


Why did you ask for this intervention, how do you feel it will help you?


Please indicate 3 things you would like to improve or feel you want to improve at home or in the workplace.


Please describe what, more than any other, you would like to improve.


SALUBRITY – SUSTAINABILITY NATURALITY – QUALITY – ASSEMBLY – Rewrite these words in order of importance. 


What is the most important result you want to get from this bespoke advice and design? Describe it as clearly as possible.