Harmonic lines

LINEE ARMONICHE is a design line made in Italy that uses natural local wood, strictly untreated, to promote welness, beauty and hygiene in the environment.

The founding principles that have pushed us to create this line are the desire to create hygienic environments, pleasant, that follow an armonic line.

Armonic line means that every element of the design is designed respecting the golden proportions: the proportion that is present in nature and that regulate the natural order. Everything is designed following the golden section.

In nature is easy to recognise the golden proportioins between animals and trees.

We are aware that recreate the armony of the nature inside the living and working environments facilitate the welness of the body, mins and spirit.

Since the antiquity architecture has always respected and followed hese rules and today is the day to reconnect with an antique knowledge that was lost and take it back in our everyday life.

The Greeks thought that the golden proportions rappresented the ideal proportion between the body parts like face and the torso or between the limbs and the entire body. The golden section was also used in sculpture and painting. The golden section was than used as a guide to accurately reproduct the uman body in painting and sculpture

Thanks to its diffusion in nature it was considered aesthetically pleasant and a good omen. Different tipes of paintings were made following the golden proportions: buildings, monuments, gardens,were designed using golden rectangles like the Partenon in Athens, and the Giza Pyramids

A lot of Rinascimental artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Piero della Francesca, Leon Battista Alberti (writer of the manual “de Architectura), dedicated themselves at the study of the golden proportions, and at the application of those intheir compositions, following the path that was first started from Vitruvio.

The golden section is still used in contemporary architecture, architects like Le Corbusier or Terragni ussed it during the design of sone razionalistic buildings. Other applications can be found in the recent design and recent studies show that the golden proportions still lays an important role in our perception of beauty

what really matters in a good project is that the proportions follows the golden section and that they are built for the welness of people, that they follow the life, and the laws of natural order. It is very good to bring these proportions inside our home.