Lotus Home Design

LOTUS HOME DESIGN is a company where sustainable living, italian design and naturality create the perfect armony for the wellness at home. LOTUS HOME DESIGN is the synergy between accurate planning and high quality artisanship, a design studio combined with a laboratory of workmanship of the wood where semplicity, armony, sustainability meet and create a match of lines and design, ARMONIC LINES for the area, design lines. LOTUS HOME offers PLANNING CONSULTATIONS for both pubblic buildings and private ones, a consultating and a detailed accurate planning service is available

we perform custom jobs, the drawings respect the armonic proportions that are present in nature and return it to the design of the forniture. We believe that SUSTAINABILITY, SEMPLICITY, NATURALITY and WHOLESOMENESS are the prerequisite for an healthy, beautifoul and armonic environment.

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Through a careful study of COLOR, SHAPE and MATERIAL we promote wellness, beauty and harmony in your living spaces. We will show you how to create spaces for the soul.
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