8 reasons to choose natural wood

Here are 8 reasons that will help you choose natural wood.

Wood is:

  1.  NATURAL since the beginning it was used to build shelters, cribs, tables and it is between all the closest material to our human nature.
  2. LIGHT his specific weight is 500 KG/m³, against 2000-2500 of the reinforced concrete and 7.800 of steel.
  3. A GOOD INSULATOR termic , elettric and acoustic.
  4. IGROSCOPIC it can absorb all the variations of humidity present in the environment
  5. ORGANIC its composition is 50% carbon, 42% oxygen, 6% hydrogen, 1% nitrogen and 1% different elements.
  7. It is a renewable and potencially inesaurible source. The tree the wood comes from spends his life absorbing CO2 present in the atmosphere and transform it into oxygen. It is useless to repeat how important this is.Moreover, ulike other materials used in the industrial production, the wood uses a lower energy consumption. An easy example is related to the production of CO2: for every cubic meter of steel and reinforced concrete 5 and 2.5 tonns of CO2 are emitted in the atmosphere-IT FOLLOWS THE CYCLE OF THE NATUREeverything in nature follows the cycle of life and does not include waste. From here we need to learn . We need to design a product,a packaging, a building system that does not include wastw from the start to the end. Where everything goes back into the big biologic cycle of life
  8. IT IS HEALTHY.Most of the building systems present in commerce are made of OSB: mineralized wood fiber, glued laminated timber that are made by using chemical products. Usually the glues contain formaldheyde: very dangerous for the health. The glues made of pur are sold as non toxic but they hide inside the very dangerous isocyanate that is freed in the air as soon as the glue is set on fire.Isocyanate are often the cause of astma and irritations. The problem is usually soved whrn the glue is dry or reticolated (not flammable).There are tho type of glue: one performance (made of one polyuretanic substance) or two-pack performance: this glue need a second components to dry.It is necessary to avoid the danger of exalation of this substances for us and our family. Untreated NATURAL WOOD ist the best for our homes because it is free to breath and change the air inside our rooms.This process allows us to have clean air and to eliminate the indoor pollution.Chosing natural wood ensure us estethic niceness and the healthof the air.

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